Eldon Social Club - Near Lake of the Ozarks, MO

This is a Private Club, membership is required.-

ESC - Eldon Social Club is an adult couples only club near the lake of the Ozarks Missouri

  • ESC is a private, couples only social club. We have monthly socials near the lake of the Ozarks, Missouri in a private hall with a no pressure atmosphere.

  • All member information is kept strictly confidential. NO information on any member is given to anyone for any reason. if you would like to contact one of our members, you will need to get that information directly from that person at the social. This policy is for everyone's protection. Our goal is to provide our members with a no pressure environment. Our socials are an excellent way for couples to meet other
    like minded couples. People of all races, walks of life, shapes and sizes are welcome.

  • Dress code is comfortable and casual. Sexy attire is fine, as long as you are covered up in public areas. We do have theme dances, but participation isn't required. Themes are a way to pull everyone together and it helps to break the ice.

  • A $25.00 donation is requested at the door. We do reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone.

  • The socials are BYOB. We provide ice, soda for mixing and a variety of snacks along with music all evening long. Coolers are welcome.

  • We are an adult lifestyle club with sexual overtones, if you are offended in any way by this, this isn't the club for you.

General Rules of the Club-

  • All club rules are established for the comfort and protection of all of our members. These are common rules that you will probably find at most clubs, but they are included here because they are important.

  • NO MEANS NO!! This is the number one rule in the lifestyle and this rule is not bendable. Basically, if someone doesn't accept no, please contact one of the owners and the situation will be taken of for you. If you harass another member of the group, you will be asked to leave.

  • Discretion is expected of everyone. This is a very simple and straightforward rule. what you see and hear during a social is to be left at the social.

  • All new couples must call one of the owners so we can verify that you are a real couple. make sure you both are at home when you call as we do ask to speak with both of you.

  • Drugs are not allowed. anyone caught with any illegal substance will be asked to leave and will not be welcomed back.

  • We do ask that you drink responsibly. nobody wants to party with a sloppy drunk and nobody should drink ad drive.

  • Please use discretion in public areas of the hall and at the hotel. please also keep covered up in all public areas.

  • Click Here to visit our Yahoo Groups Website. You will need to be approved for a free membership.

Corey and Laura

Wayne and Jennifer

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