Club 616 - Based in Grand Rapids, MI

This is a Private Club, membership is required.
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  • Club 616 Mission Statement: To provide West Michigan, with an elegant, clean club to attend, where couples in the lifestyle, can meet like minded people and enjoy a no pressure atmosphere, for a fun-filled evening out.

  • Our monthly socials are held on Saturdays for couples over the age of 21 only. The first time you attend a dance, you will be asked to complete a brief application and provide photo I.D., such as drivers' license.

  • All of your information is strictly confidential! This policy is for everyone's protection. Our goal is to provide you with a classy, safe, private, no-pressure, sensual setting where you can relax, socialize, dance and enjoy a great night out with other couples who share your lifestyle interests! People of all ages, races, walks of life, sizes & shapes attend our dances --everyone is welcome!

  • We offer a DJ with great sound/lighting systems for sexy dancing; tasty hot & cold hors d'oeuvres; and prize drawings as well! The dress code is comfortably casual, but dress to impress! Sexy attire is fine as long as you are covered in all the "right places!" For occasional theme dances, no one is required to dress for the theme, but it adds to the fun of the evening and helps to "break the ice" in meeting others.

  • It's B.Y.O.B. We will provide the pop, mixes, food and music. The Ballroom is 5,000 square feet with a large dance floor. We have music that you can dance to and hold a conversation at the same time without shouting.

  • This Club is a lifestyle club with some strong sexual overtones, if you are offended by that in any way, this may not be the club for you.

General Rules of the Club

  • These rules are established for the comfort and enjoyment of all our members. These items are common in the lifestyle, but they are included here, because they are so important.-

1. "NO" MEANS "NO!" This is probably the foundation of our lifestyle. Very basically, the right to say "yes" is accompanied by the right to say "no". Further explanation is neither necessary nor required. Don't be afraid to be firm. Be polite, but be firm. Unfortunately, if you are not clear in your statement, you may be giving another person or couple the wrong impression. Face it, many guys don't understand or take "hints" too well. Although you know what you mean, there are some people who only understand "NO!!!". This is not a chicken ranch and the members won't be treated like hens. If you harass another member, you will be asked to leave.

2. DISCRETION! This rule is very simple. "What you see here, and hear here, stays here when you leave here!" We don't talk outside of the club.

3. NO DRUGS Obviously, we cannot allow either the use or possession of any controlled substances on premises. We will not debate this issue at all. What you do on your property is your business, but you don't do it here! Likewise, if you are stoned, ripped, or high; please don't come by. If you need to alter your mind that badly in order to party then you are in the wrong lifestyle.

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